Dear friends! It’s finally here! Stealing the Covers is out TODAY on Fat Wreck Chords! And so is the Goin’ Back to Wyo 7 inch!! We’ve been talking about doing this for years, in fact it was Brandon’s idea over a decade ago. I’m sure wherever he is he’s stoked we finally pulled it off. Thanks so much to everyone who made this project happen, especially the bands who wrote these tunes. This one is for the bands out there working their asses off and writing great songs even if nobody seems to care. This is for the bands that play because they love to play. Be sure to check out the original artists and to support the small bands, clubs and scenes. So much of the best music in the world never gets the attention it deserves.
Europe tour starts next week, lots of shows coming up all over the world, we will see you all soon!
Love, TBR

Be sure to check out:
The Varsity Weirdos
Hollywood Blondes
The Scutches
Sprocket Nova
Artimus Maximus
The Gullibles
The Blendours
The Mugwumps
The Four Eyes
The 20 Belows
Onion Flavored Rings



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