The tour was excellent. Thanks to everyone who helped us out and extra thanks to Bill the Welder. They were a very enjoyable band to travel with! We’re heading off to the studio over Halloween weekend to record a new split seven inch. This one is going to be with a band called The Prototipes. Check out their site www.prototipes.com. We got a new mp3 up its “Go Away” off of the split with BTW. I think thats it. Oh wait, Kody joined the Bottlerocket. He will be on this upcoming 7″. Get ready.



The record release shows will be on the 7th and 8th of August as follows on the tour dates page. You can pre-order the record at www.menacetosobrietyrecords.com We will be posting a new mp3 as soon as a mastered version of the song is available to us.

Kody will be playing guitar with us and singing some new tunes on this tour. The only shows that he and Bug will be playing on are the shows that take place on the 7th thru the 17th of August.

The TBA posts will be updated as soon as the exact venue is confirmed.

I think that’s it.




The split seven inch is on its way! There is no exact release date yet, but you can count on it being posted here as soon as we know. The midwest tour with Bill the Welder is booking up quite nice. We’ll post those dates when everythings confirmed. Soooo, stay tuned for more details.



Sup Mang?

Its been pretty hectic around here in Wyoming. As many of you already know, were hitting the road in June. Were extremely excited to say the least and we cant wait to see everyone! If you have questions about any of the shows feel free to drop us a line. June is not the only busy month for us, were heading off to the studio this month. Were gonna record a couple of songs at the Blasting Room for the split 7″ with Bill the Welder. The record should be out early/mid summer and the Menace to Sobriety label is putting it out. www.menacetosobrietyrecords.com is there site, check it out. Guess thats it for now, oh no wait… were plannig a midwest tour for August. We’ll be posting the shows on the site as soon as we know.

much love,

Teenage Bottlerocket


Aight then,

This is a big one for all of us. Not many people know that Ray and I play in a band called SACK. The band consists of Kody, Zach, and Cory from the Lillingtons plus Ray and I. To put it lightly… were the best damn thing around. Were playing Saturday April 3rd with Drag the River at the Aggie Theatre in Ft Collins. The show is 21+ and it is free! Miss this one and miss out!