Long time no bullshit. The recording for the split with the Prototipes went great. We’ve submitted the tunes and photos to Adam (he’s the dude who’s putting it out). It should be out soon, once it is ready for your turntable we’ll be sure to post where one might go about ordering it. What else? We’re heading off to the Blasting room to record for an upcoming full length CD. It will be out Marchish…we’ll let you know more about that as further details unfold. Moving on… We will be on the AMP Magazine presents pop punk compilation. It will be in stores Feb, and were putting a new tune (Radio) on it. Be sure to keep an eye out. Anything else? We’re heading off to the West Coast to play some shows in March. We’ll be posting the confirmed dates as they come. The trip is going to take place from March 10th to March 20th. The Gilman show is already confirmed… Sat March 19th with Enemy You.

Check you later.


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