Wrapping up 2012!!

Hey everyone we just got home from a 7 week run and we wanted to say thanks to everyone involved and everyone who came out!! Special thanks to Dropkick Murphys, Masked Intruder, Toys That Kill, Smoke Or Fire and the Mahones for rocking with us, we had a killer fucking time!! Now we’re home for a couple weeks before we hit the road with NOFX and Elway and we are fucking pumped!! We’ve added a few more shows including a headlining show in Reno and a Benefit for the Tony Sly Foundation, as well as an appearance at next year’s Pouzza Fest in Montreal! All of those dates can be found at our tour dates section!! Again, thanks everyone who helped make 2012 such an awesome year for us and we look forward to rocking more in 2013!!


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