Me First Tour!! More Awesome Stuff!!

Hey everyone!! We’re leaving tomorrow for an East Coast tour with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes as well as the Cobra Skulls!! We’re stoked to say the least!! This tour includes an appearance at the CMJ Festival in NYC and TBR’s very first appearance at the Fest in Gainesville, Florida!! Along the way we will be playing with many other great bands including Smoke or Fire, None More Black, Dead to Me, Banner Pilot and the Menzingers!! Our tour dates can be found here! More information about the Fest can be found here!! Also check out Spin magazine’s 30 best acts from CMJ list which includes Bottlerocket here!

In other news, Myspace and Spin have teamed up to do a tribute to Bad Religion set to be released tomorrow (10/19/2010). The record will be available for free download and features a wide spectrum of different artists including TBR, Cobra Skulls and Guttermouth! Check that project out here!! And finally, we are playing next year’s Groezrock festival in Belgium alongside NOFX, Millencollin, Dead to Me and many more!! Check out the poster here!!

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