Pennywise West Coast US/Canada Tour!!

Friends! We are so stoked to announce we’ll be heading out with the legendary Pennywise in April and May for a couple weeks for their 25th anniversary tour! The tour starts in California, makes it’s way up the west coast into Canada and ends in Winnipeg! Come fucking hang out! We are also playing Oliver Peck’s Elm St Music and Tattoo Fest in Dallas this June right before heading out for the entire run of the Vans Warped Tour! Head over to our tour dates section for more information!pennywisetour

Fueling Up – Eating Healthy On Tour

As we have recently announced, we will be heading out on a cool tour with our good friends Pennywise and A Wilhelm Scream this March. And because we can already feel all the fun and excitement coming toward us, we would like to share with you some of the things we usually do to get ready for a tour. We also invite you to check out our upcoming tour dates if you want to see us playing live and come back regularly to keep up with the latest developments in the life of the TBR.


How We Try To Eat Healthy When On Tourcarrot cake recipe

As exhilarating and powerful a rock tour is, and as satisfying the energy the fans emanate might be, food is ultimately the fuel all rock bands need to keep them going for months in a row. Eating the right, healthy food can make a huge difference in the tonus and attitude of a band. And like any other rockers, we too make many stops at grocery shops, drive-throughs, and diners whenever we get the chance. The lack of sufficient time, bad logistics and money force us to ponder our eating choices well. So we don’t say no to dried red beans or local food every time we get the chance. Look for diners that have many cars, preferably pickup trucks in the parking lot. This is sign that the food is tasty and affordable. We like to go Mexican every time we can and Miguel is a great chef and he always cooks tacos or burritos for the road. He also has a mind-blowing carrot cake recipe he got from the site. We particularly enjoy having this cake because of its moist and rich flavor thanks to the mascarpone cream and crunchy walnuts.


The recipe does not have any complex ingredients to worry about – carrots, walnuts, eggs, sugar, oil, flour, cinnamon, baking powder is all you will need for the cake. For a detailed list of the rest of ingredients needed for the mascarpone cream, visit the videoculinary site, read the instructions and look at the preparation video online in case you do not have a lot of experience baking a cake. There are plenty of other healthy desserts and cakes ideas to look into there, as well as many casseroles and other quick dishes you can prepare and grab along when touring. We also know it is important to eat small amounts of food so we won’t feel drained from all the energy during our explosive shows.   

Healthy Children-Friendly Foods

Some of the things that best characterize Ethiopian food refer to its hands-on approach, the small sized bites, and the great diversity of vegetables it consists of. Plus, the food here comes with many special flavors that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet, hence making it so unique. These properties also make this food appealing for your small ones, especially when it comes to teaching them the importance of eating more vegetables.


Serving Foods On The Injera

Most foods here are served on the injera, which is a flat bread with a spongy composition that is made from teff – an important whole grain that contains zero gluten. Children can use pieces of the injera to easily serve the vegetables on their eatable “plate”, which makes the eating process a whole lot more fun. Wots or meat stews are also best served while accompanied by injera. The nutritious value of the food in this country can help children ingest the right amounts of vitamins and minerals or protein and maintain their health. Speaking o maintenance, to maintain your house protected at all times, it is best to get in touch with a professional emergency locksmith in your area and make sure you and your kids are safe at all times.

Ethiopian food is also many kids’ favorite due to the fact it can be entirely eaten with the help of their hands; things can get a little messy, but messy is what smaller children like to begin with. This food also contains plenty of onions, garlic or eggplants which are cooked down and carefully hidden inside delicious meals. The simple cooking of the injera is another activity that many children like. Injera can be easily prepared like pancakes and the process can turn into a highly engaging and at the same time educational one. A trick to make your kids like injera faster – not all take it to the heart at first, as it has a sour taste and it has a weird texture – is to encourage children to pick up their veggies or pieces of meat with it.    

End of 2013 and Vans Warped Tour 2014!

We’re home from Europe, thanks to Volbeat for bringing us out what a crazy tour! It’s been a busy, awesome year for us thanks everyone! We have 164 shows down for 2013 with one more to go: New Year’s Heave with NOFX, Dillinger Four and the Implants! Check out details for that here!
As this year wraps up we are way stoked to make our first big announcement for 2014 and that is we are playing the entire run of the 2014 Van’s Warped Tour!! All of those dates can be found at our tour dates section and additional information can be found over at Vans Warped Tour! Thanks again everyone for all of your love and support over the years, for making 2013 our best year yet and for giving us something to look forward to! See you on NYE


Thanks everyone who came out and saw us with the Queers and Copyrights, what an awesome fucking tour! Special thanks to both of those bands for rocking with us, we love you dudes!
Florida we are coming to play the PreFest in Tampa and Fest at the end of the month!!
Europe we are coming out with Volbeat and Iced Earth next month!
San Francisco we are playing New Year’s Heave with NOFX and Dillinger Four!
That will be about it for 2013, but we are already working on big plans for 2014, so stay tuned!

European Tour with Volbeat and Iced Earth!!!

Europe!! We are super excited to announce we will be coming back in November to tour with the mighty VOLBEAT!! Iced Earth is on the tour too and it’s gonna be a crazy party! This run takes us to Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland!! US friends West Coast tour with The Queers and Copyrights starts next week!! SO STOKED!!


We’ve missed you! That’s why we are extra excited to be coming back next month! We are doing a bunch of headlining dates as well as some festival shows with the likes of Alkaline Trio, Leftover Crack, Face to Face and our dear friends the Flatliners!!! Tour starts August 1st in Germany so head over to our tour section for all of those dates!! So Stoked!!

Face to Face Tour End

We just want to say thanks to everyone for such a great tour, thanks to Face to Face and crew for having us, thanks to Blacklist Royals and Joshua Black Wilkins for ruling and especially thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, we appreciate the shit out of all of you! We’ve got lots more dates coming up so check out our tour dates and we’ll see you soon!